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“The book and writer both Were love’s purveyors.”
“The simple message of It Takes a Village is as relevant as ever: We are all in this together.”
“If you don’t understand Jesus, you can’t understand his prayer. ”
“Smith had begun that message with what now seemed like an anxious prophecy: ‘assuming we don’t die tonight.‘”
“I sat awhile in perfect silence, rallying my stunned faculties. Immediately it occurred to me that my ears had deceived me, or Bartleby had entirely misunderstood my meaning. I repeated my request in the clearest tone I could assume; but in quite as clear a one came the previous reply, ‘I would prefer not to.‘”
The message of these cards and who is sending them is revealed at the end of the novel in a postmodern twist: The author Zusak himself has been sending Ed on these quests, and Ed is at the heart of the message itself. I
“This is my last message to you: in sorrow, seek happiness.”
“And every year, folk come from all over Cornwall at Christmas time, to see Mousehole lit up with a thousand lights, shining their message of hope and a safe haven to all those who pass in peril of the sea.”
″‘A slave trader from the deep South is comin,’ they whispered. Up and down the cotton rows the message spread, faster than a winging bird.”
“He had suddenly had a strange feeling stronger than any he had ever known: he had been aware that someone was trying to tell him something, something that had missed him because he could not understand the words. Not words exactly; it had been like a kind of silent shout. But he had not been able to pick up the message, because he had not known how. ”
It is this last-minute insight, however, that makes the chilling climax a success. The message-that love, loyalty, and true friendship can conquer jealousy and hatred-will not be lost on readers.
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