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“Karl is new to Niklas class. From the start, Karl is strange, cold and withdrawn. Someone from whom the reserved Niklas would rather stay away, even though he exudes a strange attraction.”
Kirsten Boie
Not Chicago, Not Here
cold and withdrawn
stay away
“Something very strange was happening to Treehorn. The first thing he noticed was that he couldn’t reach the shelf in his closet that he had always been able to reach before...”
“Every one knows how very confusing it is to enter a strange room full of strange people...”
“As she listened to his wailing, Mowzer felt a sudden strange sadness for him. How lonely he must be, she thought, endlessly hunting the men-mice in the deeps of darkness, and never returning to the rosy glow of a red-hot range. And her kind heart was moved to comfort him.”
“And one day the daycare ladies tell Rosa’s aunt that something strange has happened. Rosa is no longer the last one when they go out. Now she’s at the front with Falco and Charlie! After their walk the dogs are supposed to sleep. Some lie in their own baskets. Some trade baskets with each other. A few cram themselves into one basket because it is so cozy. Anyone who doesn’t want to sleep has to sleep anyway. That’s the way it is a daycare.”
“And what’s strange, what would be marvelous, is not that God should really exist; the marvel is that such an idea, the idea of the necessity of God, could enter the head of such a savage, vicious beast as man.”
“You were supposed to be safe in Mallard-that strange, separate town- hidden amongst your own. But even here, where nobody married dark, you were still colored and that meant that white men could kill you for refusing to die. The Vignes twins were reminders of this, tiny girls in funeral dresses who grew up without a daddy because white men decided that it would be so.”
“It was strange that we were called evil when humans were the ones who enjoyed watching us burn.”
“He had suddenly had a strange feeling stronger than any he had ever known: he had been aware that someone was trying to tell him something, something that had missed him because he could not understand the words. Not words exactly; it had been like a kind of silent shout. But he had not been able to pick up the message, because he had not known how. ”
“But also, I watch. I see everything and it gives me a strange kind of power, even if I’m the only one who’s aware of it.”
“He can’t sleep. His room feels strange. Almost as if there were a monster nearby.”
“But the Irishwoman, alone of them all, had seen which way Tom went. She kept ahead of every one the whole time; and yet she neither walked nor ran. She went along quite smoothly and gracefully, while her feet twinkled past each other so fast that you could not see which was foremost; till every one asked the other who the strange women was; and all agreed, for want of anything better to say, that she must be in league with Tom.”
“There was a light in one window that looked friendly. As long as he could see that, Diamond did not feel quite alone or lonely. But all at once, the light went almost out. Then indeed, he felt that it was dreadful to be out in the night alone, when every body else was gone to bed! That was more than he could bear and it was not strange that he burst out crying.”
“Sometimes, as she sat knitting, aware that William’s eyes were on her face, she felt her breath tightening in a way that was strange and not unpleasant. Then, just as suddenly, rebellion would rise in her. He was so sure! Without even asking, he was reckoning on her as deliberately as he calculated his growing pile of lumber.”
“It made him feel better to think that there was one familiar thing, twinkling above him, amid so much that was new and strange.”
“He looked in the birth and death room. It was once more used for storage. It seemed strange beyond belief that he had ever lain so long in the room. And in a way he had died in that room; at least something had happened and the bright little silversmith’s apprentice was no more. He stood here again at the threshold, but now he was somebody else.”
″...when she started to brush her teeth something felt very strange! One of her teeth felt loose! She wiggled it with her tongue, then she wiggled it with her finger.”
“Jenny had never been in a forest, but strangely enough she was not frightened. The odd smells oozing from the earth and trees delighted her. The farther she went, the more the forest seemed like something that had happened to her long ago.”
″...the strange thing was that everything was neat. She looked everywhere, but not a soul was to be seen. Not a leaf stirred in the little amphitheater, nor was there any trace of a hut to live in. There was no shed to hold a lawn mower, nor any mower standing on the lawn. Yet somebody had mowed the lawn.”
“I followed as sedately as I could after her, but my feet wouldn’t move quietly, they felt they must dance as if they were bewitched by the strangeness of everything.”
“Doors crash open, and strange signs appear, written in an archaic hand. James finds that the ghost is the spirit of Thomas Kempe.”
“There is a strange and peculiar sensation experienced in recovering from a state of insensibility, which is almost indescribable; a sort of dreamy, confused consciousness; a half-waking half-sleeping condition, accompanied with a feeling of weariness, which, however, is by no means disagreeable.”
″ ‘I neither believe in ghosts nor feel uneasy,’ he replied. ‘I never saw a ghost myself, and I never met with any one who had; and I have generally found that strange and unaccountable things have almost always been accounted for, and found to be quite simple, on close examination.’ ”

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