milestones Quotes

Six of the best book quotes about milestones
“This year is a little harder than the previous. Maybe it’s because I’m eighteen now. Technically, I’m an adult. I should be leaving home, going off to college. My mom should be dreading empty-nest syndrome. But because of SCID, I’m not going anywhere.”
“Bonjour Madeleine. Let’s celebrate”
“Tashi delek, Mandala. That’s a lucky thing.”
“Who will take care of us out there?” Klaus said, looking out on the flat horizon. “Nobody,” Violet said. “We’ll have to take care of ourselves. We’ll have to be self-sustaining.” “Like the hot air mobile home,” Klaus said, “that could travel and survive all by itself.” “Like me,” Sunny said, and abruptly stood up. Violet and Klaus gasped in surprise as their baby sister took her first wobbly steps, and then walked closely beside her, ready to catch her if she fell. But she didn’t fall. Sunny took a few more self-sustaining steps, and then the three Baudelaires stood together, casting long shadows across the horizon in the dying light of the sunset.”
“Hey tooth is loose!
“He has prayed endlessly for more time with his girls. He needs to guide them into adulthood, attend their weddings, hold his grandchildren.”
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