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72 of the best book quotes about siblings
“Siblings that say they never fight are most definitely hiding something.”
“What strange creatures brothers are!”
“Grandmother pointed out my brother Perry, my sister Sarah, and my sister Eliza, who stood in the group. I had never seen my brother nor my sisters before; and, though I had sometimes heard of them, and felt a curious interest in them, I really did not understand what they were to me, or I to them. We were brothers and sisters, but what of that? Why should they be attached to me, or I to them? Brothers and sisters were by blood; but slavery had made us strangers. I heard the words brother and sisters, and knew they must mean something; but slavery had robbed these terms of their true meaning.”
“I incline to Cain’s heresy,” he used to say quaintly: “I let my brother go to the devil in his own way.”
They were just so all-around awful you could hardly believe they were real: Ralph, Imogene, Leroy, Claude, Ollie, and Gladys--six skinny, stringy-haired kids all alike except for being different sizes and having different black-and-blue places where they had clonked each other.
That was the thing about the Herdmans—there was always another one coming along, and no teacher was crazy enough to let herself in for two of them at once.
“Is this why you kept me away from my siblings all these years? Not because you were training me to be queen, but rather protecting them from me because you knew you would be sending me away? Separation, elevation, delegation- it was all just a ruse.”
“Mom always said that it was because Teddy saw me first, and because I cut his cord, that somewhere deep down he thought I was is mother.”
“Go is truly the only person in the entire world I am totally myself with. I don’t feel the need to explain my actions to her. I don’t clarify, I don’t doubt, I don’t worry. I don’t tell her everything, not anymore, but I tell her more than I tell anyone else, by far.”
“John Wesley kicked the back of the front seat and June Star hung over her mother’s shoulder and whined desperately into her ear that they never had any fun even on their vacation, that they could never do what THEY wanted to do.”
“Caddy smelled like trees and like when she says we were asleep.”
“She had been proud of his decision to serve his country, her heart bursting with love and admiration the first time she saw him outfitted in his dress blues.”
“Dreaming of his future, he no longer heard all the things she did not say. ”
“One face, one voice, one habit, and two persons!”
“He called them privately after the Kings and Queens of England; Cam the Wicked, James the Ruthless, Andrew the Just, Prue the Fair—for Prue would have beauty, he thought, how could she help it?—and Andrew brains.”
“I was thirteen at last, so I’d thank you to call me Joe, not Joey, and I walked a few strides ahead of Mary Alice. For one thing, she’d been taking dancing lessons all year and never went anywhere without her tap shoes in a drawstring bag.”
“Mary Alice turned back. “You look good,” she said. “The hat’s dumb, but you look good.” “So do you.” Though I’d never noticed before, Mary Alice was going to be quite a nice-looking girl. I supposed boys would be hanging around her pretty soon. It was a thought I’d never had.”
“I wish that you were my sister. I’d teach you to have some confidence in yourself. The different people are not like other people, but being different is nothing to be ashamed of. Because other people are not such wonderful people. They’re one hundred times one thousand. You’re one times one! They walk all over the earth. You just stay here. They’re common as—weeds, but—you—well, you’re—Blue Roses!”
“Then, Isabel, live chaste, and, brother, die. More than our brother is our chastity.”
“Right now, with that lock of hair falling in his eyes, he’s the brother I’ve missed, the one who once brought me stones from the sea, told me they were Rajah’s jewels. I want to tell him that I’m afraid I’m going mad by degrees and that nothing seems entirely real to me anymore. I want to tell him about the vision […] I want to tell him everything and have him understand.”
″‘I’ve told you before,’ said Mike. ‘We’re not supposed to be separated. Remember? You and me, we stick together.‘”
“When one child is more sensitive and free to express it, so that he receives special treatment, this is bound to create resentment among siblings with fewer or different special needs.”
“You’re still my sister. You always will be.”
“It doesn’t matter what they said. It’s what they felt. And that in their own way, in their unique, clever brother-sister shorthand, they were working it out.”
“And if your life is a suitable exchange for my honor, why is my honor not a suitable exchange for your life?”
“Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter.”
“My mother and father didn’t plan for me to be an only child, but that’s the way it worked out, which is fine with me because this way I don’t have anybody around to fight”.
“At home Lilly pretended to be Mr. Slinger. “I am the teacher,” she told her baby brother, Julius. “Listen up!”.”
“Soon, instead of calling her The Baby, Mom started saying dumb things, like ‘How’s my little Tootsie-Wootsie?’ as if The Baby could answer her.”
″‘Where is Pee-tah going?’ Fudge asked. ‘I’m running away,’ I told him. ‘But I’ll come back to visit. Someday.‘”
″‘Do you love me mommy?’ ‘Yes, very much.’ ‘Then get rid of Tootsie,’ Fudge said. ‘I’m sick of her. She’s no fun.‘”
“Lola won’t eat carrots, of course. She says carrots are for rabbits.”
“Oh, this isn’t mashed potato. People often think that but no, this is cloud fluff from the pointiest peak of Mount Fuji.”
“I know these are not fish sticks. These are ocean nibbles from the supermarket under the sea--mermaids eat them all the time.”
“These are not peas. Of course they are not. These are green drops from Greenland. They are made out of green and fall from the sky.”
“‘I am not a pest,’ Ramona Quimby told her big sister Beezus.”
“I will not eat potato so don’t even try, not even smashed.”
“Who will take care of us out there?” Klaus said, looking out on the flat horizon. “Nobody,” Violet said. “We’ll have to take care of ourselves. We’ll have to be self-sustaining.” “Like the hot air mobile home,” Klaus said, “that could travel and survive all by itself.” “Like me,” Sunny said, and abruptly stood up. Violet and Klaus gasped in surprise as their baby sister took her first wobbly steps, and then walked closely beside her, ready to catch her if she fell. But she didn’t fall. Sunny took a few more self-sustaining steps, and then the three Baudelaires stood together, casting long shadows across the horizon in the dying light of the sunset.”
“Olivia has to be firm.”
“I am the third oldest, and I think it would have been a good idea if I was the youngest, too. I am not quite sure why my mom and dad wanted to have more children after me.”
But the moose brothers don’t turn out to be the sort of siblings she had in mind. Maybe peace and quiet is okay after all . . .
“They don’t need another one and it’s a shame because he is spoiling it for everyone else. He is called Minal Cricket and he tends to be utterly a nuisance. He is nonstop whining and causing other people to get themselves in trouble.”
“Watch that bee!′ Stanley advised. ‘What bee?’ asked Rhoda. ‘Near your left foot,’ said Stanley. ‘Which is my left?’ asked Rhoda. ‘The one with the freckle,’ said Stanley.”
“Rhoda, please clean up your room now,′ said Rhoda’s mother. “Too tired,′ Rhoda answered. ‘Stanely!’ said their mother. ‘See that Rhoda cleans up her room.’ ‘Shake a leg, Rhoda,’ said Stanely.”
“Whatever they are,′ said Stanley. ‘Rhoda, all your clothes are on the bed again.’ ‘I’ll put my berries in my berry bottle,’ said Rhoda. ‘Help me make the bed, Rhoda,’ said Stanley.”
“I love these two but can hardly stand them.”
″ ‘I haven’t settled on which yet but either way I won’t be wasting my life either. I’ll be working for the good of humanity too. You are raising Ima Dean and me right, Mary Call, and we will always be grateful to you for the way you have sacrificed yourself for us. ’ End of dream. ”
“He even knew that they were all fond of him, in their own way. ‘But more as if I was a kind of pet, or something,’ he thought. ‘As if I’m just harmless. Not as an equal. I want to be equal.‘”
″‘They don’t look like geniuses,’ Jack thought, not for the first time. ‘Just like anybody else’s brother and sisters they look.‘”
“Morris’s brother, Victor, got a hockey outfit. Morris’s sister, Rose, got a beauty kit. Morris’s other sister, Betty, got a chemistry set. And Morris got a bear.”
“Morris held open his bag. Everybody disappeared at once. Then he zoomed and mixed and beautified until bedtime.”
“What happened was: they became a team, a family of two. There had been times before they ran away when they had acted like a team, but those were very different from feeling like a team. […] You might call it caring. You could even call it love. And it is very rarely, indeed, that it happens to two people at the same time—especially a brother and a sister who had always spent more time with activities than they had with each other. ”
“And in the course of those miles Claudia stopped regretting bringing Jamie along. In fact when they emerged from the train at Grand Central into the underworld of cement and steel that leads to the terminal, Claudia felt that having Jamie there was important. ”
″ ‘Well, you’ve known me for as long as I’ve known me,’ he said smiling.”
“They walked the whole day over the meadows, fields, and stony places; and when it rained the little sister said: ‘Heaven and our hearts are weeping together.’ In the evening they came to a large forest, and they were so weary with sorrow and hunger and the long walk, that they lay down in the hollow tree and fell asleep.”
“The fun and frolic seemed to grow greater the longer they played. In the excitement, time went on much faster than any of them dreamed. Suddenly, in the midst of the noise, came a sound - the sharp distinct slam of the carryall-door at the side entrance. Aunt Izzie had returned from her lecture.”
″‘Livi, please, will you sit down?’ Cibi tells her. At seven years old, she is the eldest of the siblings, and it is her responsibility to chastise them when they misbehave.”
“You will have to arrange things so I can go for a run. My legs are growing shorter, I am sure, with not exercising them. I shall have forgotten how to walk by the end of the week.”
“I can only stay a week. I’ve arranged it all beautifully, and I shall live here in this loft; Father never dreams of coming here, so it will be quite safe, and you can all bring me food.”
“You must find a place of us. Here you sit and all you say is it can’t be helped. But it’s got to be helped. I won’t live somewhere else than Peter.”
“The reason for the curl rags was that all the village children had been invited to a grand tea-party at the Squire’s the next day; and Amelia-anne was gloomy because it did not seem as if the five little Stigginses would be able to go.”
“Because, besides Ameliar-anne, who was the eldest, there were some five other little Stigginses to feed.”
“I’m glad you saw, ‘cos I didn’t take a bit more’n what I could easy have ate; and the five of them’s got colds in their heads, and when I left them they were all howlin’ somethink awful, and I couldn’t bear to go home and tell them everything and them not have a bite as you might say.”
“My sister and I always shot at our quarry from the ground. The boys would climb onto the branches of the gum tress, stand quite still, and pick out the choicest and healthiest birds in the flock.”
“People think six is a great many, when it’s children. I mean they don’t mind six pairs of boots, or six pounds of apples, or six oranges, especially in equations, but they seem to think that you ought not to have five brothers and sisters.”
“When the eponymous hero of this rather odd original fairy-tale is born, his parents and siblings all declare that ‘he’s no beauty,’ repeating the phrase so often that he eventually becomes known as ‘Hiznobyuti.”
“The siblings are continually fighting and Monica feels she has to take Olguta’s part in female solidarity, but she also has a strong attachment to Dânut.
“A novel full of warmth, wit, love, and the pursuit of dreams, the story takes place during the years between the two world wars.”
“He had no brothers or sisters, and he was very sad and lonely at home.”
“Double cheese and macaroni! Double kites on a string. High and low on the swing.”
“Her younger sister Ramona, who frequently insists upon exhibiting imaginative habits and eccentricities such as wearing her beloved homemade paper rabbit ears while pretending to be the Easter Bunny.”
“Beezus, however, is haunted frequently by the guilt of her animosity towards Ramona and the uneasy sisterhood that they share as opposed to that displayed by her mother and Aunt Beatrice.”

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