Miranda Carroll Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Miranda Carroll
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    ″‘You don’t have to understand it,’ she said. ‘It’s mine.’”
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    “The house is silent now and she feels like a stranger here. ‘This life was never ours,’ she whispers to the dog, who has been following her from room to room, and Luli wags her tail and stares at Miranda with wet brown eyes. ‘We were only ever borrowing it.’”
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    “The corridor was silent. It was necessary to walk very slowly, her hand on the wall. A man was curled on his side near the elevators, shivering. She wanted to speak to him, but speaking would take too much strength, so she looked at him instead—I see you, I see you—and hoped this was enough.”
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    “‘No one ever thinks they’re awful, even people who really actually are. It’s some sort of survival mechanism.’
    ‘I think this is happening because it was supposed to happen.’ Elizabeth speaks very softly.
    ‘I’d prefer not to think that I’m following a script,’ Miranda says.”