James Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from James
″‘I was in the hotel,’ he said finally. ‘I followed your footprints in the snow.’ There were tears on his face. ‘Okay,’ someone said, ‘but why are you crying?’ ‘I’d thought I was the only one,’ he said.”
“When James and his family move to an ancient cottage in Oxfordshire, odd things start happening. ”
“Doors crash open, and strange signs appear, written in an archaic hand. James finds that the ghost is the spirit of Thomas Kempe.”
″ James, whose bedroom it is, is a naturally scruffy, clumsy, roguish sort of character. Much of the book’s humour comes from James’s exploits.”
“James makes a mess in the kitchen, digs tunnels in the garden and conducts “studies” on interesting insects, all with Tim’s “help”. ”
“Maria soon finds herself sharing lessons with an Oxford don’s three sons _Thomas, Joshua and James Smith_, which proves something of an adventure.”
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