orderly Quotes

Four of the best book quotes about orderly
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    “In Shaker Heights there was a plan for everything.”
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    “It’s you. The indentured servant. I mean, the tenant-slash-cleaning lady.”
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    “Neatness takes time, of course, but it’s worth it. Worth it to make the Dark Passenger happy, keep him quiet for another long while. Worth it just to do it right and tidy. Remove one more heap of mess from the world. A few more neatly wrapped bags of garbage and my one small corner of the world is a neater, happier place. A better place.”
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    “Order will ease your load and free your mind for greater peace, joy, and creativity. By more effectively ordering your day, you will gain a sense of control, a sense of purpose, increased productivity, an environment of creativity, and a greater focus and flow of accomplishments.”