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20 of the best book quotes from Cindy Trimm
“Wholeness is arguably the richest state of being you can find yourself in. Many people in life often think that another person can make them complete. That is false. Only when you can embrace you fully that’s when you get to experience the joy of life. Wholeness is a remarkable gift.”
“What will be the sign that you were here? It’s important that you realize that you have a responsibility to do something with your life. You mustn’t be cavalier with this precious gift you have from above.”
“This is the challenge of creative thinking—as you open the spiritual channels of your mind, God can download divine, creative thoughts into your brain. Ask God to enlarge your capacity for thinking, to take the limits off.”
“It may seem like a daunting—if not exhausting—task to establish a greater degree of order in your life. That may feel impossible if you feel you are already overstretched. But taking time to order your day should not be an additional burden or one more ‘to do’ on your list of duties and responsibilities.”
“You are not your history or your past. You are however, what you choose to do with your present and future. The biggest breakthrough of your life will be when you realize that life truly happens from you and not to you.”
“Begin to see your life as a blueprint that others we need to navigate through their lives.”
“Prosperity has little to do with temporal success and more to do with spiritual resilience and the fortitude of the soul.”
“You possess so much power inside of you to truly create the life you desire. When we know what we know, we tend to operate in confidence.”
“Life was designed for you to thrive not survive. Survivors just get by, Thrivers actually live!!!”
“When you understand the power you possess by declaring it daily little by little you will begin to create a life of power.”
“We lack nothing for our journeys. Too often we think that we lack something or desire attributes we see in others. But the reality is God is wise and created you the way he first saw you. So it’s important to believe and know that you are not a defect that needs to be sent back to the warehouse. You are perfectly you.”
“Order will ease your load and free your mind for greater peace, joy, and creativity. By more effectively ordering your day, you will gain a sense of control, a sense of purpose, increased productivity, an environment of creativity, and a greater focus and flow of accomplishments.”
“The power of the spoken word is one of life’s greatest mysteries. All you will ever be or accomplish hinges on how you choose to govern what comes out of your mouth.”
“By what you allow to occupy your mind and mouth, you can either bless your life to great heights of success or send it orbiting into realms of failure, sadness, and discontentment.”
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
“Dare to become the trailblazer of your own life.”
“Prosperity is the divine enablement that helps you overcome obstacles in order to fulfill a purpose—the capacity you need to maximize your potential to create change.”
“That’s right. You are a designer’s original, a true sight to see. You have to understand that you are not here by mistake and that you were created on purpose and for a purpose. You are something to marvel at.”
“If your life is going to change, you must think for a change. You are always only one thought away from changing your life.”
“It’s important to remind ourselves how much we are loved by God. Often we find ourselves feeling abandoned and alone. But this isn’t so we must reaffirm the truth that God is always with us and is in love with us. This reminder is so important when life gets hectic and chaotic.”

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