paradise Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes about paradise
“People think of Heaven as a paradise garden, a place where they can float on clouds and laze in rivers and mountains. But scenery without solace is meaningless.”
“In the Basque country the land all looks very rich and green and the houses and villages look well-off and clean… the houses in the villages had red tiled roofs, and then the road turned off and commenced to climb and we were going way up close along a hillside, with a valley below and hills stretched off back toward the sea.”
“In my dreams, I was always free. I was happy, and I was with him. (...) It was always heaven like this with Trace. My own piece of paradise within the burning inferno.”
“I do not think the impression was very important at the moment, but it soon became important in memory. As long as I live my imagination of Paradise will retain something of my brother’s toy garden.”
“...Those two, in paradise, were given a choice: happiness without freedom, or freedom without happiness. There was no third alternative...”
“Unbelievable! Lush trees, rolling hills, gorgeous grass. Birds flitted to and fro. Waterfalls cascaded into shimmering pools.”
“Birds sang and brought them food. They ate. They drank. They swam. They sunbathed. They never had it so good. ‘So, Al, is this so terrible?’ they large bird asked. ‘What a life,’ Al cooed. ‘A guy could live like this forever.‘”
“Paradise lost is sometimes Heaven found.”
″ ‘Meat and drink on the same tree!’ cried Peterkin; ‘washing in the sea, lodging on the ground, -and all for nothing! My dear boys, we’re set up for life; it must be the ancient Paradise, -hurrah!’ ”
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