Peter Brownrigg Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Peter Brownrigg
“Some people think, because I’m not very big, that I’m not very strong.”
“The situation was desperate, but with each narrow escape I was getting more and more weary of the whole business. I just wanted this wild adventure to end, even if it ended in capture.”
“And Heaven help the man who puts a stone wall round them and calls them his- even if he has money and men in livery and a ‘Sir’ in front of his name.”
“I’d always wanted to see the outside world, I’d always wanted adventure, and now I was going to get it with a vengeance.”
“I wanted something to take my mind off homesickness and the fear of death or prison. So I went- yes, and paid another penny for a stool to rest my weary bones, and yet another penny (reckless extravagance!) for a portion of hot roast mutton on a skewer.”
“The Devil has a great reputation for destroying what honest men would be glad to see out of the way!”
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