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14 of the best book quotes about capture
″‘But this year it’s going to be different.’ ‘Why is it?’ ‘Because’, Paul replied, gripping the rib bone in his hand, ‘because I’m old enough to go with the roundup men this year. That’s why. And if there is such a filly, I’m going to get her...‘”
“There had just been a big battles between the dolls and mice. The reason I was so scared was that the mice were going to capture poor Nutcracker, who was in command of the dolls. So I threw my shoe at the mice, and after that I don’t know what happened.”
“And some fellows in Zummz who I happened to know just happened to capture a thousand or so, and they wrapped up their eggs and they mailed them by air Marked Special Delivery, Handle with Care.”
“See the Wily Wallo who can throw his long tail as a sort of lasso! With a flip of the hip, with a tail of his kind he can capture whoever is standing behind! He can capture old Sneelock. I’m sure he won’t mind.
“And I captured the egg of a Grickily Gractus who lays’em high in a prickily cactus.”
“The next thing you know i’ll go and I’ll capture a wild Tick-Tack-Toe, with X’s that win and with Zeros that lose.”
“I’ll let you go this time, for my mistress’s sake. I only wanted you to know which one of us two has the power now.”
“Then, many of the people were captured for Slavery. The ones that could fly shed their wings.”
“Drac must capture the Gremln of the Groaning Grotto. She knows he is quick, quiet as a spider, and very, very dangerous. She must be so careful...”
″ ‘But if you take my voice,’ said the little mermaid, ‘what will I have left?’ ‘Your beautiful body,’ said the witch. ‘Your graceful walk and your lovely eyes. Speak with them and you will be able to capture a human heart.’ ”
“Fog Benson had captured him when the cub was six months old. He had killed Ben’s mother and brought the young bear to town to show him off. And because Ben had cried for hours for his lost mother, Fog had laughingly named him ‘Squeaky Ben,’ after a local character with a querulous voice. As the cub grew and it became apparent his size would be tremendous, the ‘Squeaky’ part was dropped.”
“Such a cry was never made as made by all the hens in the yard when they saw Chanticleer captured.”
“Being indentured is just like being in jail. If you run away, someone will c-c-capture you and bring you b-b-back.”
“The situation was desperate, but with each narrow escape I was getting more and more weary of the whole business. I just wanted this wild adventure to end, even if it ended in capture.”
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