pigs Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes about pigs
“When Augustus came out on the porch the blue pigs were eating a rattlesnake—not a very big one.”
“The Kanamit were not very pretty, it’s true. They looked something like pigs and something like people, and that is not an attractive combination. Seeing them for the first time shocked you; that was their handicap.”
″‘It’s yours,’ said Father. ‘You could buy a sucking pig with it, if you want to. You could raise it, and it would raise a litter of pigs, worth four, five dollars apiece. Or you can trade that half-dollar for lemonade, and drink it up. You do as you want, it’s your money.‘”
“When I passed back by the pen, his friends would stare at me with pleading faces. They moaned and squealed, and pressed their snouts to the earth. We are sorry, we are sorry. Sorry you were caught, I said. Sorry that you thought I was weak, but you were wrong.”
‘You do never win nothing,’ said Mrs Hogget at tea-time, when her husband, in a very few words, had explained matters, ′ though I’ve often thought I’d like a pig, we could feed ‘un on scraps, he’d come just right for Christmas time, just think, two nice hams, two sides of bacon, pork chops, kidneys, liver, chitterling, trotters, save his blood for black pudding, there’s the phone.”
“You do as I do, ” said Fly, “and you’ll be all rights.” She thought or a moment. “There is one thing though, Babe, ” she said, and she looked across at the back door of the farmhouse, “if I go in there, you stay outside and wait for me, understand?” ‘Aren’t pigs allowed in there?” asked Babe. “Not live ones,” said one of the puppies, but he said it under his breath.
“Emily Greengrass was very good at telling stories. Most of her best ones were about the town in Norfolk were she was born and lived until she grew up and married James Greengrass and moved into London.”
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