Quirky Tails Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Quirky Tails
“Gerald grabbed the broken stalks and looked around like a hunted rabbit. He looked straight at me, red with shame. He wanted to escape but Scouse was blocking his way.”
“I’m sorry, ′ said Mum. ‘But I’m getting married whether you like it or not.’ ‘But Mum,’ I started off. ‘no buts,’ she cut in. ‘i’m lonely at night you and Andy have gone to bed. And anyway, I love Ralph. He is a lovely man. I though you like him too.”
“See, this kid was hanging around outside the flower shop and Jenny the shop assistant thought he was a trouble maker. She reckoned he might be going to nick something. That’s why she called for me.”
“A poor boy comes in and buys a dozen roses, which he can’t afford. Going home on the train, the roses get caught in the doors and ruined.”
“My head started to spin. This was just too much. It was the last straw. Now he had gone and brought a corpse to our home. He was leaving a dead body in the workshop for some reason or another.”
“Quirky? You can say that again . . . I have an eye on my finger and a little face in my throat. I start to cry. Tears fall down my face. And down my finger. The eye on my finger is shedding tears too. You’ll be speechless.”
“I was sure glad when the honeymoon was over. It was a nightmare. Not that things improved when we got home. They didn’t. Ralph moved in with us and straight away built a workshop at the bottom of the yard.”
“It all started on Christmas Eve. I had to look after my little brat of a brother. ‘Take him into Myer’s and show him the Christmas windows,’ said Mum. ‘Keep him busy for about two hours while Helen and I wrap up his Christmas presents.”
“Nor that I’m though. No, generally I am as quiet as a lamb. I’m not big either. In fact a lot of people think I am about fourteen years old and they are amazed when I tell them I am really seventeen.”
“The doors opened and we stepped out into the black night. The whole place had changed. There was no roof garden and no Santa. There weren’t even any lights.”
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