seagulls Quotes

Six of the best book quotes about seagulls
“They are a brazen lot, those seagulls.”
“But the lunch did not arrive. It was spotted by three scavenging seagulls who set upon it with great gusto.”
“That evening Mr. and Mrs. Grinling decided on a plan to baffle the seagulls. ‘Tomorrow I shall tie the napkin to the basket,’ said Mrs. Grinling.”
″... he felt much too sick even to notice the seagulls, let alone scare them away from the lunch.”
“There’s at least a hundred, thought Mrs. Brightner. I don’t dare to go outside... but I have to, because I forgot the blue silk thread. I have to go back to my flat to get it. I’ll just have to be brave... they’re only birds after all. They can’t hurt me...”
“Mariners have often told me that they consider sea gulls to be good luck and always feed them by throwing garbage overboard. I didn’t have any garbage at that early stage of my trip and couldn’t afford to spare any of my precious food for feeding birds so I had to risk misfortune and let the gulls go hungry.”
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