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“During the trip, Windy, Breezy, and Stormy sometimes stuck their heads out the open windows of the car. They loved the way the wind caught their ears and caused them to flap and flutter.”
“It is funny that my trip has ended by being such a fast trip around the world. I find myself referred to now as one of the speediest travelers of all times. Speed wasn’t at all what I had in mind when I started out. On the contrary, if all had gone the way I had hoped, I would still be happily floating around in my balloon, drifting anywhere the wind cared to carry me- East, West, North, or South.”
“Mariners have often told me that they consider sea gulls to be good luck and always feed them by throwing garbage overboard. I didn’t have any garbage at that early stage of my trip and couldn’t afford to spare any of my precious food for feeding birds so I had to risk misfortune and let the gulls go hungry.”
Linnea and Mr. Bloom take a trip to Paris to see where Claude Monet lived and painted.
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