sensitivity Quotes

Four of the best book quotes about sensitivity
“M’names Boone. But the fellas all call me Boohoo. That’s on account of Ah cry so easy. It’s m’soft heart. Show me some’n sad, or scare me just a little, and the tears jest come to mah eyes. Ah cain’t help it.”
“This story in mime unfolds with lots of action and quiet charm. The deft line drawings, tinted with watercolor washes, indicate character traits and emotions with great sensitivity to form, movement, and detail.”
“Char blows a fat ring of stinking gray smoke in my face. I laugh, like everybody else. You got to go along with Char if you want to get along with her. You can’t be all sensitive. That’s what Char says.”
“Yes, it is true that sometimes unusually intelligent and sensitive children can appear to be stupid. But stupid children can sometimes appear to be stupid as well. I think that’s something you might have to consider.”
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