Sharon G. Flake Quotes

11 of the best book quotes from Sharon G. Flake
″‘Liking myself didn’t come overnight,’ she says. ‘I took a lot of wrong turns to find out who I really was. You will, too.‘”
“Maleeka, your skin is pretty. Like a blue-black sky after it’s rained and rained.”
“Then John-John started singing his song. ‘Maleeka, Maleeka, we sure want to keep her but she so black, we just can’t see her.‘”
“Everybody starts talking at once, asking her questions. Miss Saunders answers ‘em all. Some kids even go up to her face and stare and point. She lets them do it too, like she’s proud of her face or something.”
“So your momma finally broke down and bought you some clothes. About time.”
″‘It’s not about color,’ she said. ‘It’s how you feel about who you are that counts.‘”
“Charlese, she’s crazylike. Next thing I know, she’s telling Miss Saunders to mind her own business. She says something about her face. Worm’s telling Char to cool it. He’s dragging her down the hall with his hand covering her big mouth.”
“Day in and day out Kinjari eyes me, staring like he sees the sun rising in my eyes. I want to ask him why he looks at me that way. Am I something so beautiful he can’t help but stare? I keep quiet. Beauty is where one finds it, my father used to say.”
“He’s my color, but since second grade he’s been teasing me about being too black. Last year, when I thought things couldn’t get no worse, he came up with this here song.”
“It’s bad enough that I’m the darkest, worst-dressed thing in school. I’m also the tallest, skinniest thing you ever seen. And people like John-John remind me of it every chance they get. They don’t say nothing about the fact that I’m a math whiz, and can outdo ninth graders when it comes to figuring numbers. Or that I got a good memory and never forget one single, solitary thing I read. They only see what they see, and they don’t seem to like what they see much.”
“Char blows a fat ring of stinking gray smoke in my face. I laugh, like everybody else. You got to go along with Char if you want to get along with her. You can’t be all sensitive. That’s what Char says.”
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