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10 of the best book quotes from The Stone Book
“There she found a sand-floored chamber where, in the light of her candle, she could see the marks left by breaking waves in the rock above her head”
“School in the Victorian era in which she lives, time of the growth of railways, costs more money than her family can afford.”
″ And senses her ancestors all around her as many others have followed this path; the footprints are there for her to see. The eldest child, usually a boy, is taken on this journey.”
“When she got back home, her father did give her a book - but it was a different one from what she had expected.”
“She could see the marks left by breaking waves in the rock above her head and, on the wall, the figure of a bull, a stonemason’s mark, and the outline of a hand that exactly matched her own. ”
“Looking down, she saw a myriad of footprints made by earlier generations of her family and, in a timeless moment, felt herself surrounded by a throng of people. ”
“Father’s face was bright, and his beard danced. He took off his cap and swept it in a circle and gave the cry of the summer fields... Mary laughed. The wind blew on the spire and made the weathercock seem alive.”
“Mary wanted to learn to read and asked her stonemason father for a book. In reply, he sent her into a cavern deep under the hills where the stone was quarried.”
“Robert is making his mark as a builder involved in the construction of churches and buildings made from local stone. Mary wants a book, even though she can’t read.”
“Joseph takes Mary on an underground journey following a path where she reads the geology as she finds her way to a spot where her father carved his stonemason’s mark. ”

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