thunder Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about thunder
“The eagle settled itself on a boulder at the edge of the Plain and watched with folded wings as the two armies raced toward one another. A noise like thunder filled the air, and dust rose from the ground in clouds.”
“The voice of Chac rumbled like thunder. ‘Is it right for such a small creature to bear such a large tongue?’ Pik bowed before the rain god. ‘O Mighty Chac. I misspoke,’ he said politely. ‘I beg your forgiveness.”
“Topthorn and I were hitched up side by side to an old hay cart and [...] driven up through the woods, back toward the thunder of the gunfire and the wounded that awaited us.”
″‘Monsoon season begins, lose one turn.’ Little raindrops began to fall in the living room. Then a roll of thunder shook the walls and scared the monkeys out of the kitchen.”
“Lightning and thunder crashed and flashed together in a perfect fury! Stunned by the force of it, the children ran for shelter under the great oak tree that marked the halfway point between home and school. Its branches lashed and creaked, but it was something sturdy to cling to.”
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