Rain Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes about rain
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    “I would not, could not, in the rain. Not in the dark. Not on a train. Not in a car. Not in a tree. I do not like them, Sam, you see.”
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    She use to tell me that god was in the rain.
    Alan Moore
    V for Vendetta
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    “Don’t blame me if it rains.”
    A. A. Milne
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    “The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually.”
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    “The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.”
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    “My life was lived through falling rain
    so call on me if there be pain.”
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    “During this short voyage I saw the lightning playing on the summit of Mont Blanc in the most beautiful figures. The storm appeared to approach rapidly, and, on landing, I ascended a low hill, that I might observe its progress. It advanced; the heavens were clouded, and I soon felt the rain coming slowly in large drops, but its violence quickly increased.”
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    “I could not, would not, on a boat. I will not, will not, with a goat. I will not eat them in the rain. I will not eat them on a train. Not in the dark! Not in a tree! Not in a car! You let me be! I do not like them in a box. I do not like them with a fox. I will not eat them in a house. I do not like them with a mouse. I do not like them here or there. I do not like them ANYWHERE!”
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