Peter (Jumanji) Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from Peter (Jumanji)
″‘JUMANJI,’ Judy read from the box, ‘A JUNGLE ADVENTURE GAME.’ ‘Look,’ said Peter, pointing to a note taped to the bottom of the box. In a childlike handwriting were the words, ‘Free game, fun for some but not for all. P.S. Read instructions carefully.‘”
″‘I don’t think,’ said Peter in between gasps of air, ‘that I want... to play... this game... anymore.‘”
“The stream in the room became thicker and thicker. Judy could not even see Peter across the table. Then, as if all the doors and windows had been opened, a cool breeze cleared the stream from the room. Everything was just as it had been before the game.”
″‘Monsoon season begins, lose one turn.’ Little raindrops began to fall in the living room. Then a roll of thunder shook the walls and scared the monkeys out of the kitchen.”
″‘Did you have an exciting afternoon?’ ‘Oh yes,’ said Peter. ‘We had a flood, a stampede, a volcano, I got sleeping sickness, and-’ Peter was interrupted by the adults’ laughter.”
″‘Lion attacks, move back two spaces,’ read Judy. ‘Gosh how exciting,’ said Peter, in a very unexcited voice. ‘Peter,’ she whispered, ‘turn around very, very slowly.‘”
“The boy turned in his chair. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Lying on the piano was a lion, staring at Peter and licking his lips.”
“But both children were too excited to sit quietly, so Peter took out a picture puzzle. As they fit the pieces together, their excitement slowly turned to relief, and then exhaustion. With the puzzle half done Peter and Judy fell sound asleep on the sofa.”
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