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Seven of the best book quotes about to go out
“Thurlo Darby rarely went out, except to buy the frozen snails and spinach noodles on which he lived. But when he did go out, he would talk about his Something to everyone he met.”
“Max and Ruby have money, and they need to go out and buy a birthday gift. Max keeps spending the money on other things...”
“So not being able to go out a lot is one of my many problems. Mi biggest, though, is being stuck at a school dominated by rich people. Rich parents, rich grandparents. Mostly Anglo-Saxon Australians, who I can’t see having a problem in the world. Then there are the rich Europeans.”
“I’m sure you’ll find that this babysitter will be very nice. Now get along into your baths and I’ll come and tuck you up before we go out.”
“I can remember my mother refusing to go out into the street because she couldn’t stand the sight of all the children begging for bread when she had nothing to give them. Her first worry was for me and my brother, and every slice of bread she gave another child meant one less for us.”
“Felix had to find Alexander. He packed his torch into his suitcase and went out to look for Alexander. Felix climbed out of window, edged across to the drainpipe and slid down in to the garden.”
“Here’s how it works: Almost all of us at the Home have Sunday Foster Parents. These are parents who want to take care of a child on Sundays, and so they come to the Home and pick one. Then that child is called a Sunday Foster Child and is allowed to go out with them every Sunday, and longer at Christmas and Easter. It’s really great!”
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