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Five of the best book quotes about to keep
“When I grow up, I plan to keep eleven cats, and let them sleep on any bedspread that they wish, and feed them people’s tuna fish.”
A necklace of raindrops that keeps its owner dry in the heaviest rainstorm; a tiger that runs faster than the wind; a huge floating apple pie with a piece of sky in it.
″‘I think you were meant to keep it Peter,’ she said softly. ‘I think that’s part of the magic.‘”
“What’s that there? What’s what there? I want to know what this is keep your hair on mate: ‘Mind your Own Business.’ Right now, I’d like best of all not to be here. I’ve been thinking that for an hour now.”
“Bulbo had carried a rose in his mouth all the time of the dismal ceremony. It was a fairy rose, and he was told by his mother that he ought never to part with it. So he had kept it between his teeth, even when he laid his poor head upon the block, hoping vaguely that some chance would turn up in his favour.”
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