ceremony Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about ceremony
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    “Cacambo asked one of the great officers in what way he should pay his obeisance to his Majesty; whether they should throw themselves upon their knees or on their stomachs; whether they should put their hands upon their heads or behind their backs; whether they should lick the dust off the floor; in a word, what was the ceremony?
    ‘The custom,” said the great officer, ‘is to embrace the King, and to kiss him on each cheek.’”
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    “The dry skin
    was still stuck
    to his body.
    But the effects
    of the witchery
    of the evil thing
    began to leave
    his body.”
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    “The only cure
    I know
    is a good ceremony,
    that’s what she said.”
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    “You’ve been doing something all along. All this time, and now you are at an important place in this story.”
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    ″‘One night or nine nights won’t do it anymore,’ the medicine man said; ‘the ceremony isn’t finished yet.’ ‘Remember these stars,’ he said. ‘I’ve seen them and I’ve seen the spotted cattle; I’ve seen a mountain and I’ve seen a woman.‘”