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Six of the best book quotes about to return
“He did not dare to search for the treasure. Yet he returned to the bridge every morning and wandered around it until dark.”
“People came back and told us. But we didn’t believe.”
“It was from Elidor that they returned with the four sacred Treasures on which that weird land depended: a spear, a stone, a sword, and a cauldron.”
“The Ratliffs own the moon that floats over the lake, and the sun and the clouds. It is a place that has been good to them, as much a part of them as a member of the family. The idea of returning year after year to a single place appeals to Gogol deeply.”
“I miss one angel face in the little world of sisters- dear Mary- sainted Mary- Remember lonely one- tho, she comes not to us, we shall return to her!”
She wants to return to her brother to bury him, is contaminated by radiation, and collapses. She wakes up in a provisional hospital in Herleshausen, where she witnesses the hardships of others. She learns of the extent of the disaster from television and a nurse.
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