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Six of the best book quotes about to miss
“Sometimes we get so tied up in our idea of what we think we want that we miss out on the amazingness of what we could actually have.”
“She had been angry the day she came down with the flu and had a temperature of 103° and had to miss the special Children’s Concert that the Boston Symphony was doing, and her parents gave the tickets to the terrible Truesdales who lived in the upstairs apartment.”
“Jamie was quiet for a minute, then he said, ‘We probably have no conscience. I think we ought to be homesick. Do you think Mom and Dad raised us wrong? They’re not very mean, you know; don’t you think that should make us miss them?’ ”
“I miss one angel face in the little world of sisters- dear Mary- sainted Mary- Remember lonely one- tho, she comes not to us, we shall return to her!”
“I miss us, too. I always have, and probably always will”
“It seemed odd to become as fond of anybody in a short time as Santa had of Bill. He saw them onto the bus for King’s Cross, and as the bus moved off she had a lump in her throat as if she were saying good-bye to an old friend.”
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