Toby Fleishman Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Toby Fleishman
“You have to look these people in the eye. This isn’t organs. This is people.”
“Toby and Rachel had separated at the very beginning of June, just after school ended, the culmination of an almost yearlong process, or maybe a process that began shortly after their wedding 14 years before.”
“Those nights, like the other nights, she was at work, or at dinner with a client, what she called ‘pulling her weight’ when she was being kind, and what she called ‘being your cash cow’ when she wasn’t.”
“This gave him peace and hope, that anything he’d missed out on when he married Rachel so young was still there, waiting. That other people had screwed up and were starting over, too.”
“Then one Saturday morning, two weeks after he moved out of Rachel’s place, Toby woke up and realized he was alone. His new apartment seemed like a set in a depressing play, bare and filled so sparsely with objects…simply to fill space.”
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