Uncle Jewiir Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes from Uncle Jewiir
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    “He knows it will be hard for me, Salva realized. He does not want to leave me there, but he has to go back and fight for our people.”
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    “Uncle had helped him get through the desert that way, bit by bit, one step at a time. Perhaps . . . perhaps Salva could get through life at the camp in the same way.”
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    “He had to slow down, and for the first rime on the long journey, he began to lag behind the group. Stumbling about blindly, he did not notice the group drawing farther and farther ahead of him. As if by magic, Uncle was suddenly at his side.”
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    “Do you see that group of bushes? You need only to walk as far as those bushes.”
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    “Eh, Nephew! . . . We are together now, so I will look after you!”
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    “A step at as time . . . One problem at a time—just figure out this one problem.”
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    “The Nile: the longest river in the world, the mother of all life in Sudan.”

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