Vianne Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Vianne
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    “Vianne didn’t hesitate. She knew now that no one could be neutral—not anymore—and as afraid as she was of risking Sophie’s life, she was suddenly more afraid of letting her daughter grow up in a world where good people did nothing to stop evil, where a good woman could turn her back on a friend in need. She reached for the toddler, took him in her arms.”
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    “At my age, I should not be afraid of anything—certainly not my own past.”
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    “She has a steel exterior, but it protects a candyfloss heart.”
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    “If there’s one thing I never do, it’s stop.”
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    “Men tell stories,” I say. It is the truest, simplest answer to his question. “Women get on with it.”
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    “In his face, I see the whole of my life. I see a baby who came to me long after I’d given up … and a hint of the beauty I once had. I see … my life in his eyes.”

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