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The Great Mathemachicken Books

Hide and Go Beak
Hide and Go Beak
Hide and Go Beak
Hide and Go Beak
Hide and Go Beak
chapter • 96 Pages
Hide and Go Beak
#1 in Series
Book #1

Hide and Go Beak

Written by Nancy Krulik & illustrated by Charlie Alder
5 - 8
Reading age
Page count
Jan 18, 2022
Publication date


A new young chapter book series about a chicken who loves math, science, and learning new things–by New York Times bestselling author Nancy Krulik for fans of Unlimited Squirrel and Bumble and Bee. Chirpy is a young chicken stuck in the family coop. But she’s not like the other chickens who just sit around peck peck pecking all day. She’s intrigued by the children who come home from a place called school. They always look so happy! (Well, most days.) So Chirpy sneaks onto the bus one morning, hides in the classroom . . . and discovers a true love of math. When she shares what she’s learned with the other chickens, they think she’s one kernel short of a cob. Even so, Chirpy is determined to find a formula for fowl success by pecking away. But when a hungry fox tries to attack the coop, can she find the equation for a simple solution? With lively two-color art throughout and a fun hands-on simple machine activity, this eggs-ellent hilarious young chapter book series starter is a Grade-A pick for emerging readers to get them eggs-ited about science and math.

The Great Mathemachicken Series

1 book
chapter • 96 Pages
Hide and Go Beak
20221Hide and Go Beak96

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