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In order from What Was the March on Washington? to What Was the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921?.

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What Was the March on Washington?
What Was the Boston Tea Party?
What Was the Battle of Gettysburg?
What Was the Gold Rush?
What Was Pearl Harbor?
chapter • 112 Pages
What Was the March on Washington?
Book #1

What Was the March on Washington?

Written by Kathleen Krull and Who HQ
8 - 12
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Feb 7, 2013
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On August 28, 1963, more than 200,000 people gathered in Washington, DC, to demand equal rights for all races. It was there that Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech, and it was this peaceful protest that spurred the momentous civil rights laws of the mid-1960s. With black-and-white artwork throughout and sixteen pages of photographs, the March is brought to life!

What Was...? Series

Published from 2013 - 2023
63 books
2013What Was the March on Washington?Kathleen Krull, Who HQ112
2013What Was the Boston Tea Party?Kathleen Krull, Who HQ112
2013What Was the Battle of Gettysburg?Jim O'Connor, Who HQ112
2013What Was the Gold Rush?Joan Holub, Who HQ112
2013What Was Pearl Harbor?Patricia Brennan Demuth, Who HQ112
2013What Was the First Thanksgiving?Joan Holub, Who HQ112
2013What Was the Alamo?Pam Pollack, Meg Belviso, Who HQDavid Groff112
2013What Was the Underground Railroad?Yona Zeldis McDonough, Who HQ112
2014What Was Pompeii?Jim O'Connor, Who HQ112
2014What Was Ellis Island?Patricia Brennan Demuth, Who HQDavid Groff112
2014What Is the Statue of Liberty?Joan Holub, Who HQ112
2014What Is the Panama Canal?Janet B. Pascal, Who HQTim Foley112
2014What Was the Lewis and Clark Expedition?Judith St. George, Who HQTim Foley112
2014What Was the Hindenburg?Janet B. Pascal, Who HQDavid Groff112
2015What Was D-Day?Patricia Brennan Demuth, Who HQ112
2015What Is the World Series?Who HQ112
2015What Were the Salem Witch Trials?Joan Holub, Who HQDede Putra112
2015What Was Hurricane Katrina?Who HQ112
2015What Is the Super Bowl?Who HQDavid Groff112
2015What Was the Great Depression?Janet B. Pascal, Who HQDede Putra112
2016What Was Woodstock?Joan Holub, Who HQGregory Copeland112
2016What Are the Summer Olympics?Who HQStephen Marchesi112
2016What Were the Twin Towers?Jim O'Connor, Who HQ112
2016What Is the Declaration of Independence?Michael C. Harris, Who HQ112
2016What Was the San Francisco Earthquake?Who HQ112
2016What Was the Great Chicago Fire?Janet B. Pascal, Who HQTim Foley112
2017What Was the Age of the Dinosaurs?Megan Stine, Who HQGregory Copeland112
2017What Was the Wild West?Janet B. Pascal, Who HQStephen Marchesi112
2017What Is Rock and Roll?Jim O'Connor, Who HQGregory Copeland112
2017What Are the Ten Commandments?Yona Zeldis McDonough, Who HQTim Foley112
2017What Was the Ice Age?Nico Medina, Who HQDavid Groff112
2018What Was the Titanic?Who HQGregory Copeland112
2018What Is the World Cup?Bonnie Bader, Who HQStephen Marchesi112
2018What Is Climate Change?Who HQ112
2018What Was the Holocaust?Who HQ112
2018What Is the Constitution?Patricia Brennan Demuth, Who HQTim Foley112
2018What Were the Roaring Twenties?Who HQJake Murray112
2018What Is the Women's Rights Movement?Deborah Hopkinson, Who HQ112
2019What Is the Stanley Cup?Who HQGregory Copeland112
2019What Was Stonewall?Nico Medina, Who HQJake Murray112
2019What Is NASA?Who HQ112
2019What Was the Vietnam War?Jim O'Connor, Who HQTim Foley112
2019What Was the Berlin Wall?Nico Medina, Who HQStephen Marchesi112
2019What Were the Negro Leagues?Varian Johnson, Who HQStephen Marchesi112
2020What Was the Bombing of Hiroshima?Jess Brallier, Who HQTim Foley112
2020What Are the Paralympic Games?Gail Herman, Who HQ112
2020What Is Lego?Jim O'Connor, Who HQ112
2020What Is a Presidential Election?Who HQ112
2020What Is the Civil Rights Movement?Sherri L. Smith, Who HQTim Foley112
2021What Is Nintendo?Who HQ112
2021What Was the Age of Exploration?Who HQ, Jake Murray112
2021What Is Congress?Who HQ112
2021What Is the Coronavirus Disease Covid-19?Michael Burgan, Who HQ56
2021What Is Black Lives Matter?Who HQGregory Copeland56
2021What Are the Winter Olympics?Who HQJake Murray112
2021What Was the Plague?Roberta Edwards, Who HQDede Putra112
2021What Was the Harlem Renaissance?Sherri L. Smith, Who HQTim Foley112
2022What Are Castles and Knights?Who HQDede Putra112
2022What Is Juneteenth?Who HQ112
2022What Is the AIDS Crisis?Nico Medina, Who HQTim Foley112
2022What Is the Supreme Court?Who HQGregory Copeland112
2022What Was Reconstruction?Sherri L. Smith, Who HQTim Foley112
2023What Was the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921?Who HQTim Foley112

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