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Tom Lichtenheld


I make books for kids and people who used to be kids. My favorite activity is drawing (surprise!), my favorite food is chocolate, and my favorite sport is ping-pong. When I’m not making books, I like to get other peoples’ kids all wound up, then send them home to their parents.

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Groovy Joe Book Series


Julie Rowan-Zoch
Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Chris Barton
Sherri Duskey Rinker
Laura Gehl
Beth Ferry
Richard T. Morris
Eric Litwin

Book Dedications by Tom Lichtenheld

  • To Amy Krouse Rosenthal, with love and appreciation.
    Groovy Joe: Ice Cream & Dinosaurs
  • To all the teddy bears, blankies, Baby Kays, and other comforts of the world

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