Amisha Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from Amisha
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    ″ ’You should be with someone who can make you happy.’ My heart breaks as I set him free. With all the love I have ever felt for him, I whisper, ‘You deserve that.’ ”
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    “I can’t help but think when we have nothing else, when there are no answers, faith is our greatest ally.”
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    ″ ‘Strength for what?’ Stephen’s face showed genuine interest. ‘To have the strength to accept all that life offers - good and bad.‘”
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    “He gave me the only answer he could—that history proved time and again it was difficult to change what people believed as truth.”
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    “Hope - for such a simple word its meaning is profound.”
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    “Maybe without your own dreams, you are left to live other people’s dreams?”
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    “If their stories transplant them to faraway lands, I will encourage them to take the journey.”
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    “When you are next to the earth, you can hear her secrets.”
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    “There was once a bird who wanted to fly alone - away from the others. He was worried if he followed the group he would never find his own place.”

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