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22 of the best book quotes from Sejal Badani
“Though there is no playbook on how to navigate the path of life, if I do it with the grace and heart of the women before me, the I will have lived my life with honor.”
“He gave me the only answer he could—that history proved time and again it was difficult to change what people believed as truth.”
“My promise was the price I had to pay for being born. That’s all you need to know.”
“Hope - for such a simple word its meaning is profound.”
“If their stories transplant them to faraway lands, I will encourage them to take the journey.”
“Maybe without your own dreams, you are left to live other people’s dreams?”
“Those who leave have a reason that is more powerful than the one to stay.”
“History shows us we need labels to help define our place. For hundreds of years, people have categorized others as less so they could feel like more. Color, gender, class, religion, physical handicaps, sexual orientation, and pedigree are just a few ways in which one group is divided from another. ”
“For every person who stands superior, another must be inferior. But what does it say of us as a human race when we push others down for our own needs? Does it accomplish the intended goal or simply give rise to a pattern of behavior that can never be broken?”
“The same blood runs in every human on the earth. You just have to see past the variations in skin and culture.”
“When you are next to the earth, you can hear her secrets.”
“There was once a bird who wanted to fly alone - away from the others. He was worried if he followed the group he would never find his own place.”
″ ’You should be with someone who can make you happy.’ My heart breaks as I set him free. With all the love I have ever felt for him, I whisper, ‘You deserve that.’ ”
“I can’t help but think when we have nothing else, when there are no answers, faith is our greatest ally.”
“But I opened my mind and came to appreciate that even in fiction there can be morsels of truth.”
“For every woman who juggles a child in her arms, there is one who yearns for the cry of a child to comfort. For every family that fills a home, there are those who will never become parents.”
“At the end, we are all the same, just a body with only our actions and others’ memories to define who we are.”
“A mother cannot give birth to a child and not lose a piece of herself. The child takes a part of the parent with them, holding it as their own. Whether it be their heart or soul, they are now connected for always.”
“Blood does not define family. Love does.”
″ ‘Strength for what?’ Stephen’s face showed genuine interest. ‘To have the strength to accept all that life offers - good and bad.‘”
“With humility may I reap my own power, and at the end of the journey, I hope I learn when to stand small so others can feel tall.”
″ It was sobering to learn of a woman one generation removed who lived a life I can’t imagine or understand.”

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