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13 of the best book quotes from Betsy's Wedding
“They spend the day in New York City enjoying many of Joe’s favorite places, but more importantly renewing their love.”
“Betsy returns to New York from her European trip, where Joe Willard is waiting for her. He wants to take her to Tiffany’s and buy an engagement ring, but the more practical Betsy suggests he buys a wedding band instead.”
“With younger sister Margaret’s help they find the perfect newlywed’s home. Betsy struggles with her first forays into cooking, but eventually becomes a very good cook - and even has fun making some of Joe’s favorite foods! ”
“Betsy takes a train to Minneapolis, where her parents and younger sister are now living. She breaks the news of her engagement to her family, who are surprised that Joe wants to marry Betsy without first asking her father and without having a job in Minnesota.”
″ Her father is very upset. He thinks that Joe should have a job. When Joe arrives at the train station, Betsy tells him that her father is uncomfortable about him not having a job. ”
“Several happy months later, Joe’s widowed aunt asks to live with them & Joe tells her yes, although Betsy resents her coming. Joe is aware of her feelings.”
“He immediately drives from newspaper office to newspaper office before finding a job on a publicity campaign to help the people of Belgium (who were the victims of atrocities during World War I).”
“This is the first serious difference of opinion in their marriage. Betsy wants to agree with Joe but cannot help feeling bitter until she has an epiphany & realizes that Joe’s generosity is one of the things she loves about him.”
″ Betsy’s father respects Joe’s go-getter attitude and allows the wedding to proceed. Joe and Betsy live with her parents while looking for an apartment to rent.”
“In the end she enjoys Joe’s aunt’s company and her wonderful stories, especially when Joe begins working the night shift writing headlines for the newspaper.”
“Meanwhile, Betsy and Tacy unite to try to find a husband for Tib. They introduce her to Mr. Bagshaw (a colleague of Harry’s), who quickly falls in love with Tib. He proposes & Tib turns him down.”
“Betsy and Tacy are relieved, having realized that if she had married him, Tib would have moved to NYC. Betsy then introduces Tib to Rocky a “Tramp” journalist they meet at “The Violent Study Club”.”
“But Rocky is terrible to Tib, even ridiculing her in front of friends! Finally Tib ends the relationship with Rocky & he leaves! Eventually Tib meets a kind & handsome soldier while ice skating and they fall in love.”

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