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32 of the best book quotes about historical fiction
“In a coastal bay in the land of Tlingit, huge waves arise without warning, engulfing even the largest war canoe in an instant.”
But all Halinka has is herself, a blanket from her beloved Aunt Lou, and a secret notebook where she holds her sayings.
Everything changes for Chris one August evening when red-haired, freckle-faced Johnny turns up on a bicycle, but who is Johnny and why do the police have his bicycle and other belongings?
A tide of anger against social conditions is unleashed, which means trouble for the Pargeter family.
“A hobgoblin is charged with the protection of an unloving Puritan family who come to live at an English manor in 1652.”
“One of his companions is the son of a shepherd, introducing a different social class into the novel’s ambitions. ”
“Disguised as a Greek oculist and traveling beyond Hadrian’s Wall with his freed ex-slave, the British native hunter Esca, Marcus finds that a demoralized and mutinous Ninth Legion was annihilated by a great rising of the northern tribes.”
“Marcus went to look. The sound of the hunter’s voice and a horse’s soft whinny gave him his direction, and making his way between the wood-pile and a tethered cock whose feathers shone with metallic colours among the duller hens, he reached the doorway of a stable hut, and looked in.”
“Discharged because of a battle wound that has left him lame in one leg, a young Roman officer Marcus Flavius Aquila tries to discover the truth about the disappearance of his father’s legion in northern Britain. ”
“It’s jam packed with detailed sketches and information of unfamiliar objects with their uses being part of the story. ”
“As well, he founds the Fellowship of the Round Table, where sit his companions, the greatest knights in all the world, who help him to keep Camelot safe.”
“in the little silence that had fallen between them, Marcus looked around him at the austere room in the yellow flood of lamplight, and to him it seemed beautiful.”
“It is up to Nicholas, with the help of his best friend and the girl he is to marry, to figure out what is wrong and to set things right for Nicholas’s father and his wool trade.”
“The only person not looking forward to the party of the year is Nina herself, who never wanted to be the center of attention, and who has also just been very publicly abandoned by her pro tennis player husband.”
“The novel also speaks to Belle’s personal life as she struggles with her identity and the historical context in which she lives.”
″... to preserve her carefully crafted white identity in the racist world in which she lives. ”
“But Belle has a secret, one she must protect at all costs. She was born not Belle da Costa Greene but Belle Marion Greener.”
“The Personal Librarian tells the story of an extraordinary woman, famous for her intellect, style, and wit.”
″.. and shares the lengths to which she must go—for the protection of her family and her legacy—”
“There are lots of children on Hill Street, but no little girls Betsy’s age. So when a new family moves into the house across the street, Betsy hopes they will have a little girl she can play with.”
“Meanwhile, Betsy and Tacy unite to try to find a husband for Tib. They introduce her to Mr. Bagshaw (a colleague of Harry’s), who quickly falls in love with Tib. He proposes & Tib turns him down.”
“Follow along as they search for hidden buttons while dusting Mama’s front parlor, or explore the basement warehouse of Papa’s peddler’s shop on rainy days.”
“The five girls enjoy doing everything together, especially when it involves holidays and surprises. But no one could have prepared them for the biggest surprise of all!”
“Nobody they knew could afford to own a book, something we all take for granted these days. But they owned a piano and it seems that several of the girls had lessons. We have to run a stall selling vegetables to raise money for music lessons.”
“Over the years, the immigrant nation of America has asked, can non-Protestant religious identities be “American?” Taylor demonstrates that Jewish and American identities can coexist in a happy family.”
“William was my favorite character and I would have liked to have known more of his inner feelings and thoughts. He had a very tough time.”
“Each book shares the ups and downs in the lives of this special family, through the eyes of Ella, Charlotte, Henny, Sarah, Gertie, and their little brother, Charlie.”
“Miranda was a good singer, too, and often sang in the nighttime of these happy days. She lived with a little girl named Claudia, who was seven. Claudia had had Miranda since she was a tiny kitten and had watched her grow..”
“Claudia’s father, Marcus, was a senator in the Roman Forum. Before this, he had been a mighty soldier in the army and had fought in Spain. It was there that Marcus had found Zag, their great and wise dog.”
“Miranda and Punka always raced to the flower garden, shaking their heads as though they had gotten a drop of water on them, and hid from the noisy man.”
“And no cat was allowed on her street either. The cats of Rome knew this by now. However there had been one cat who came in the night. This was the great and awful lizard cat with the broken tail who had come from Barcelona in Spain to Rome.”
“The men were in a dilemma, should they object strongly to the king’s officials, or try to persuade them that it would be better if the king hunted elsewhere.”

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