controversy Quotes

Six of the best book quotes about controversy
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    “I shall have to controvert one or two ideas that are almost universally accepted.”
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    “howard: What’re yuh skeered of? You was a worm once!
    melinda: (Shocked) I wasn’t neither.
    howard: You was so! When the whole world was covered with water, there was nothin’ but worms and blobs of jelly. And you and your whole family was worms!”
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    “However, by early 2014 one conclusion had gained considerable traction across partisan lines: The attacks could have been prevented.”
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    Many hundred large volumes have been published upon this controversy: but the books of the Big-endians have been long forbidden, and the whole party rendered incapable by law of holding employments.
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    “’I’m a businessman,’ he’d told her. ‘No more, no less.’”
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    “I’m surprised there is a controversy. His actions are categorically criminal. I will have him brought to trial.... I’ll be more specific my first act as police commissioner will be to issue an arrest warrant for the Batman on charges of assault, breaking and entering, creating a public hazard...”