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    “Comics ... are sometimes four-legged and sometimes two-legged and sometimes fly and sometimes don’t ...”
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    “Comics are a sub-set of pictorial narrative; therefore, all comics are pictorial narratives, but not all pictorial narratives are comics.”
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    “And we enjoy comics best in solitary, by ourselves, not in crowds; although large numbers of people read comics, they generally do it by themselves, in silence.”
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    “In short, comics lacks the precision it ought to have for ordinary communication let alone serious philosophical deliberations.”
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    “As every schoolboy knows, comics do not stand alone at microphones in the dark. Indeed, we cannot even read them in the dark. We need light, the more, the better.”
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    “The confusion inherent in the word comics has been apparent to those writing in the filed for years. The word has a plural form but is singular in application.”
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    .. to employ a metaphor as mixed as the medium itself, defining comics entails cutting a Gordian-knotted enigma wrapped in a mystery ...”
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    “And in its singular form, comic, it can be an adjective for something humorous or another name for a comedian.”
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    “This should be agony. I should be a mass of aching muscle--broken, spent, unable to move. And, were I an older man, I surely would... But I am a man of thirty--of twenty again. The rain on my chest is a baptism--I’m born again.”
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    “Woman explodes in subway station--film at eleven.”
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    “I’m surprised there is a controversy. His actions are categorically criminal. I will have him brought to trial.... I’ll be more specific my first act as police commissioner will be to issue an arrest warrant for the Batman on charges of assault, breaking and entering, creating a public hazard...”
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    “Mutants surrender now--or be destroyed! Blam!”
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    “Dent’s crimes were brilliantly pathological the most horrendous of which was his last--he was apprehended in the act by Gotham’s famous vigilante, the Batman, and committed to Arkham Asylum twelve years ago.”
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    “The mutants are dead. The mutants are history. This is the mark of the future. Gotham City belongs to the Batman.”
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    “Our younger viewers will not remember the Batman. A recent survey shows that most high schoolers consider him a myth. But real he was. Even today, debate continues on the right and wrong of his one-man war on crime. This report would like to think that he’s alive and well, enjoying a celebratory drink in the company of friends...”
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    “Now you whimpering little smear of slime, I’m going to ask you politely just one more time...where is he?”
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    “I hate this. Whenever we jail him, I think ‘Please God, keep him there.’ Then he escapes and we all sit round hoping he won’t do anything too awful this time.”
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    “I’ve been thinking lately. About you and me. About what’s going to happen to us, in the end. We’re going to kill each other, aren’t we? Perhaps you’ll kill me. Perhaps I’ll kill you. Perhaps sooner. Perhaps later.”

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