cuddling Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about cuddling
“He crept over to the doghouse and arranged the blanket on the thin pad inside. I climbed in next to him—we both had two feet sticking out the door. I put my head on his chest, sighing, while he stroked my ears. ‘Good dog, Bailey,’ he murmured.”
“Mom opened her arms and Fudge jumped into them. He rested his head on Mom’s shoulder, shoved his fingers into his mouth, and slurped on them. I know it’s stupid, but just for a minute I wished I could be Mom’s baby again, too.”
“Then they ran and they ran through the dark woods back to their homes as fast as they could...all the way back to their snuggly beds, where they huddled and cuddled their own little teds.”
″ ‘You’re too big to huddle and cuddle,’ he said. ‘And I’ll never fit both of us into my bed.’ ”
“Soon the whole woods could hear the voice bawl, ‘How did you get to be tiny and small? You’re too small to huddle and cuddle,’ it said, ‘and you’ll only get lost in my giant-sized bed!’ ”
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