fit Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about fit
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    “You don’t even know me. Normally it takes someone hours to discover I’m not fit to handle a defense.”
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    “When our most tireless efforts fail to stop the surging sweep of oppression, we need to know that in this universe is a God whose matchless strength is a fit contrast to the sordid weakness of man.”
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    “Men as fit as you, when your everyday strength is gone, can draw on a mysterious reservoir of power far greater. Then it is that you can reach for the stars. That is the way champions are made.”
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    “It’s not up to you to help other people fit you into a box.”
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    “There is always a good fit when parents accept their children for who they are. (...) A good fit is a family and school environment that supports and encourages a child’s natural way of behaving.”