Ernest and Celestine Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Ernest and Celestine
“Come on, Gideon. We’re going for a walk. Wait a minute, Ernest. We’re almost ready.”
“The story is cute and the art is very well done. Celestine loses her favorite toy in the snow and Ernest works hard to replace it.”
“it’s all your fault, Ernest! Please, don’t cry, Celestine. We’ll find him in the morning. Oh, poor Gideon. How will I tell Celestine?”
“There isn’t any backstory as to why Ernest is caring for Celestine as he would his own daughter, but it doesn’t really matter why ... what matters is the tender love between the two of them. ”
“The delicate sweetness of the characters, the loose preciseness of the marks, the clear love and devotion between Ernest and Celestine is just too much to take.”
“Let’s go back, Celestine. It’s too cold. Ernest, I’ve lost Gideon. It’s too dark, Celestine. We’ll never find him now.”
“Ernest, a bear, and Celestine, a mouse, lose Celestine’s stuffed bird in the snow.”
“Ernest and Celestine are adorable. Celestine is a young mouse, and Ernest is an adult bear, and they are the best of friends.”
“Such a tender book! I’m not sure if it was the delicate watercolor illustrations, the expressive faces of Celestine and Ernest, or the sparsity of words that touched me the most, but this story of friendship is so lovingly told.”
“Let’s see... A green beak. But here wasn’t one like Gideon. I want Gideon. Celestine, I’ve got an idea. Draw his feet carefully. Don’t come in. Wait until I finished.”
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