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    This is why the Word of God exhorts husbands to love their wives, wives to love their husbands, parents to love their children and Christians to love one another.
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    We must not expect God to get the devil off our backs. He has already defeated Satan and given us the ability and responsibility to take care of ourselves.
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    God has given us power and authority over the devil.
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    A demon cannot function in an environment that is hostile to his nature. He cannot function in an atmosphere of praise, for praise binds him (see Psalms 149); and neither can he work in an atmosphere of love, for love is contrary to the devil’s nature (see John 8:42–44).
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    Love defeats the devil, but rejection opens a door of opportunity for the devil to do an evil work.
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    Warfare is not prayer! It is in addition to prayer.
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    Rejection is one of the worst, most neglected and most common wounds.
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    There is no point in petitioning God for something He has already given you.
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    We need to stop storming heaven for what has already been provided, and start using what God has given us.
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    The devil will try any trick to keep God’s people out of spiritual warfare... he has everything to gain by it.
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    Love is to us what sunshine and water are to a growing flower. Anyone who believes that he does not require the love of others is self-deceived.
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    To serve the Lord requires personal sacrifices. If one is not willing to pay the price he should never commit himself.
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    When we do not listen to the lies that demons whisper into our ears, they will attack us with lies in the mouths of men.
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    He has already defeated Satan and given us the ability and responsibility to take care of ourselves. This truth is a revelation to many believers —it is good news! No wonder so many prayers have seemed unanswered.
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    Even pets need touching love. Dogs often quit eating, get sick and sometimes even die from a lack of love.
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    When Satan is bound he is made inoperable. He loses his ability to act against us.
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    Jesus is explaining that he is able to control demon spirits and make them obey him because he has already bound the strong man — Satan.
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    The fact that the demons obey Him is evidence of Satan being bound. Satan is already bound “in heaven” — by heaven’s power. His power is broken. The key is given to us.
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    Demons are spiritual enemies and it is the responsibility of each Christian to deal with them directly in spiritual warfare
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    For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh.
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