Fritz Robinson Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from Fritz Robinson
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    ″‘Never mind, my boy,’ I said, ‘patience and courage!‘”
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    “What a jolly little fellow it is!”
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    ″‘My dear boy,‘” said I, ‘you need not have added that to your load.‘”
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    “I laughed so much at this ridiculous scene, that I could scarcely assist my terrified boy out of his awkward predicament.”
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    “I had no idea,” he said, “that a few reeds would be so heavy.”
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    “Think a little,” I replied, “you are quite as capable as I am of finding out the way, even if you do not know the real reason of your failure.”
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    ″‘There now!’ said I, laughing as he tasted this new luxury, ‘you will have to exercise moderation again, friend Fritz! I daresay it is delicious, but it will go to your head, if you venture deep into your flask.‘”
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    ″‘Well,’ said I, ‘let the little orphan be yours. You bravely and kindly exerted yourself to save the mother’s life; now you must train her child carefully, for unless you do so its natural instinct will prove mischievous instead of useful to us.‘”

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