Being Alone Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about being alone
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    Therefore, dear Sir, love your solitude and try to sing out with the pain it causes you. For those who are near you are far away.
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    “I find there is a quality to being alone that is incredibly precious. Life rushes back into the void, richer, more vivid, fuller than before.”
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    “Jean Louise, I’ve had to scratch since I was a kid for the things you and Jem took for granted. I’ve never had some of the things you take for granted and I never will. All I have to fall back on is myself.”
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    ″‘I was in the hotel,’ he said finally. ‘I followed your footprints in the snow.’ There were tears on his face.
    ‘Okay,’ someone said, ‘but why are you crying?’
    ‘I’d thought I was the only one,’ he said.”
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    ″. . . I wanted to be alone so I could search for the part of my life that existed before integration, the Melba I was struggling to hold on to.”
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