Gale Hawthorne Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from Gale Hawthorne
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    “Gale gave me a sense of security I’d lacked since my father’s death. His companionship replaced the long solitary hours in the woods. I became a much better hunter when I didn’t have to look over my shoulder constantly, when someone was watching my back…Being out in the woods with Gale…sometimes I was actually happy.”
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    “Heart pounding, adrenaline burning through me, everyone is my enemy. Except Gale. My hunting partner, the person who has my back. There’s nothing to do but move forward, killing whoever come into our path.”
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    “Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without.”
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    “Maybe I’ll be like that man in ‘The Hanging Tree’. Still waiting for an answer.”