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Seven of the best book quotes about gifted
“A gifted human player could always triumph over the game’s AI, because software couldn’t improvise.”
“Even the most gifted people and leaders are subject to feeling conflicted about ending things, so they resist.”
“We’re gifted, just like some families are smart, and others are rich, or beautiful, or athletic.”
“It’s impossible for us to focus on the two — we’re just not that gifted, sorry.”
“You should also know that whatever your gift is, nobody can do it quite like you. One of the biggest traps we fall into as women is the comparison trap, the ‘she’s got it all’ trap, the ‘she has more fans’ trap, or the ‘she’s making more money’ trap.”
“Tell Mary to leave me alone. I don’t want this power she’s giving me.” “She’s not giving you the power, miss. Just showing you the way.” “Well, I don’t want to follow! Do you understand, Mary Dowd?”
The book focused on animals, follows the boy Spider, abandoned at birth, and different through life. His gift for befriending animals brings him joy & value in his small farming community. We get a glimpse of life in the English countryside during World War II.
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