traps Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes about traps
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    “Gollum’s eyes glinted. ‘He doesn’t know what we minds, does he, precious?‘”
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    ″‘No pulse,’ Nate confirmed. ‘Our hearts don’t need to beat, we breathe only out of habit . . . no wonder Mrs. White said we could get trapped in here forever.‘”
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    “As with all truly wild things, care is necessary in approaching them. Stealth is useless. Wild things recognize stealth for what it is, a lie and a trap. While wild things might play games of stealth, and in doing so may even occasionally fall prey to stealth, they are never truly caught by it.”
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    “You should also know that whatever your gift is, nobody can do it quite like you. One of the biggest traps we fall into as women is the comparison trap, the ‘she’s got it all’ trap, the ‘she has more fans’ trap, or the ‘she’s making more money’ trap.”
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    “The blur of looming evergreens zipped by me so quickly it was as though they were never really there at all. Sometimes I felt just like those trees, rooted in mud with no escape, while my life sat in a car and passed me by.”
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    “Men live their lives trapped in an eternal present, between the mists of memory and the sea of shadow that is all we know of the days to come.”
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    “The lion cannot defend himself against snares and the fox cannot defend himself against wolves. Therefore, it is necessary to be a fox to discover the snares and a lion to terrify the wolves.”
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    “The whole idea of motivation is a trap. Forget motivation. Just do it.”
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    “That was a day with a trapdoor, and we all fell through.”