Margaret Stohl Quotes

21 of the best book quotes from Margaret Stohl
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    “I felt like I had sucked the air out of a giant balloon, like my brain wasn’t getting enough oxygen.”
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    “That’s the thing I hated most about Gatlin. The way everyone had something to say about everything you said or did or, in this case, wore.”
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    “You know that expression, ‘It hit me like a ton of bricks’? It’s true. The minute she turned the car around and ended up on my doorstep in her purple pajamas, that’s how I felt about Lena.”
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    “I’ve never had the same house, or the same room for more than a few years, and sometimes I feel like the little pieces of me on this chain are all I have.”
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    “I didn’t want to end up like my dad, living in the same house, in the same small town I’d grown up in, with the same people who had never dreamed their way out of here.”
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    “We’re gifted, just like some families are smart, and others are rich, or beautiful, or athletic.”
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    “If there’s one thing a Southerner knows, it’s their family tree.”
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    “My uncle is risking his life to protect me. He’s always been there for me. He took me in when he knew I might turn into a monster in a few months.”
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    “She’ll be struck by my good looks and charm and musical talent . . . Then she’ll give in and dance with me and follow me up to New York after graduation, to be my groupie.”
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    “There was nothing, nothing, Gatlin loved better than a spectacle.”
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    “The right thing and the easy thing are never the same.”
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    “My mom was still my mom, even if she only lived in books and door locks and the smell of fried tomatoes and old paper. She lived.”
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    “I was in love with her, even though I didn’t know her. Kind of like love before first sight.”
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    “The town looked lonely, and it made me sad. Somehow the magic was gone, without her.”

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  1. #15
    “The town was empty, but for the first time it didn’t seem deserted, and I didn’t feel alone.”
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    “To everyone else, school was prison. To Lena, it was freedom.”
  3. #17
    “The more she ran, the more determined I was to follow.”
  4. #18
    “We’re not [supposed to be together]. You’re a Mortal. You can’t understand. I don’t want to see you get hurt, and that’s what will happen if you get too close to me.”
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    “It was only since my mom had died that I realized how much I relied on Amma, how much I had always relied on her. She was the only thing that had kept me afloat. Without her, I probably would have drowned, like my dad.”
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    “It wasn’t like Amma to side with everyone else in town, considering that was usually the wrong side of things.”
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    “You’re angry because you’re afraid. You all are. Deep down, you’re all the same.”
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