Good Girl, Bad Blood Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from Good Girl, Bad Blood
“This case almost consumed me; I could only see that once I was out the other side. It became an unhealthy obsession, putting me and those around me in considerable danger.”
″‘At least he said sorry,’ Ravi continued. ‘Look at all of them.’ He nodded at the group around his parents. ‘Their friends, neighbors. They’ve never apologized, just pretended like the last six years never even happened.‘”
“You think you’d know what a killer sounds like. That their lies would have a different texture, some barely perceptible shift. A voice that thickens, grows sharp and uneven as the truth slips beneath the jagged edges.”
“Pip didn’t look away. Her neck strained, sending stabs of pain down her spine, but she refused to look away. Not until those golden lanterns were little more than specks, nestling among the stars. And even beyond that.”
“But I will finish this story, recording updates on the trials and verdicts of all those involved. I promise I will be here until the very last word.”
“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”
“That’s what happens when you’re a detective. The people around you get hurt. And you hurt people, without meaning to. You have to keep secrets you’re not sure you should.”
“Some people are pretty good at hiding who they really are.”
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