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“Their lost voices must continue to be heard.”
“Speak in statements instead of apologetic questions. No one wants to go to a doctor who says, ‘I’m going to be your surgeon? I’m here to talk to you about your procedure? I was first in my class at Johns Hopkins, so?’ Make statements, with your actions and your voice.”
“So much depends on the tone of voice.”
“Shout loud at the top of your voice, ‘I AM I! ME! I am I! And I may not know why but I know that I like it!‘”
“There was a silence—a comfortable replete silence. Into that silence came The Voice. Without warning, inhuman, penetrating . . . ‘Ladies and gentlemen! Silence, please! . . . You are charged with the following indictments.‘”
“A voice had begun to sing. It was very far away and Digory found it hard to decide from what direction it was coming. Sometimes it seemed to come from all directions at once. Sometimes he almost thought it was coming out of the earth beneath them. Its lower notes were deep enough to be the voice of the earth herself. There were no words. There was hardly even a tune. But it was, beyond comparison, the most beautiful noise he had ever heard.”
“His voice was the elaborately casual voice of the tough guy in pictures. Pictures have made them all like that.”
“When he speaks at last, his voice is weary, and defeated. He doesn’t know how to be angry with me, either. We are like damp wood that won’t light.”
“She had won, indeed, but her triumph was full of air. Her fleeting victory had left in its wake a vast, echoing space, because she had taken on, for too long, a pitch of voice and a way of being that was not hers.”
“It was the first time I had heard the truth of what happened that afternoon said in a voice that was not my own. Hearing what happened from Ann was like the difference between seeing your face in a mirror and seeing it in a photograph.”
“They knew their voices broke a silence of a thousand million years, the silence of wind and leaves and wind, blowing and ceasing and blowing again.”
“He turned toward my voice. ‘Am I well?’ His mocking tone was unmistakable. ‘Am I well? Why can’t you just talk like everyone else? Why can’t you just say, ‘How you doin’? You doin’ good?‘”
“It is not the voice that commands the story: it is the ear.”
“Inside my head is a tumble of incoherent screams that sound an awful lot like someone speaking in tongues. Apparently my inner voice is Pentecostal.”
“History is a conversation and sometimes a shouting match between present and past, though often the voices we most want to hear are barely audible.”
The book is so intuitive and allows so much expression and voice intonation. The characters are distinct individuals and I could instantly find their voice. The art is simply amazing
“My mother used to threaten to tear me into eight piece if I knocked over the water bucket, or pretended not to hear her calling me to come home as the dusk thickened and the cicadas’s shrilling increased. I would hear her voice, brought and fierce, echoing through the lonely valley. “Where is that wretched boy? I will tear him apart when he gets back.”
“But he couldn’t talk. He had no voice. He was stone-dumb.”
“Kahu put her face against Nancy Flowers’s cheeks. Her voice was drained and defeated. ‘It’s not Paka’s fault, Nanny,’ she said, ‘that I’m a girl.‘”
“The wrestling usually ended with her winning, her prize being the hug I could no escape from. And her voice would whisper in my ears the words of blessing of the Hidden, while my stepfather grumbled mildly she spoiled me, and the little girls, my half-sisters jumped around us for their share of the hug and the blessing.”
“If used properly, the same mental voice that has been a source of worry, distraction, and general neurosis can become the launching ground for true spiritual awakening.”
“I think she hoped her voice would somehow keep him alive.”
“ ‘Now settle down,’ said Miss Nelson in a sweet voice. But the class would not settle down. They whispered and giggled. They squirmed and made faces.”
“It is no longer possible to ignore that voice, to dismiss the desperation of so many American women.”
“The men around me moved their lips and then gave voice. Our voices rose together as one, proclaiming faith, joining in grief. At the end of the reading, some crossed themselves, others wiped their eyes. I stood straight and tall.”
“I’m shy, which I never was before. It turns out when you are my height hiding is not easy. Even my voice tries to hide’ it’s gotten quiet and whispery.”
″ ‘But if you take my voice,’ said the little mermaid, ‘what will I have left?’ ‘Your beautiful body,’ said the witch. ‘Your graceful walk and your lovely eyes. Speak with them and you will be able to capture a human heart.’ ”
“When you’re following your inner voice, doors tend to eventually open for you, even if they mostly slam at first.”
“I happen to believe the world will change only when we change ourselves. And that starts with finding ourselves: learning to quiet the clamor in our minds and the voices of everyone around us and move toward what feels right – toward the things we know, for reasons we can’t explain, that we’re mean to do, the things that makes us feel alive.”
“Plop! Something lands on me. Help! My voice gets stuck. He’s got me. He’s really got me this time. I can feel his hands around my throat. Let go! I go to grab his hands. Get off me! Hang on, they’re my hands. They’re my hands around my neck. You idiot, let go of yourself!”
“Rapunzel had magnificent long hair, fine as spun gold, and when she heard the voice of the enchantress she unfastened her braided tresses, wound them round one of the hooks of the window above, and then the hair fell twenty ells down, and the enchantress climbed up by it.”
“Find a voice in a whisper.”
“Dear children, I have to go into the forest, be on your guard against the wolf; if he comes in, he will devour you all - skin, hair, and everything, The wretch often disguises himself, but you will know him at once by his rough voice and black feet.”
″ ‘Cuckoo,’ she said reproachfully, ‘I didn’t think you were so hardhearted. I have been so unhappy about you, and I was so pleased to hear your voice again, for I thought I had killed you, or hurt you very badly; and I didn’t mean to hurt you, cuckoo. I was sorry the moment I had done it, dreadfully sorry. Dear cuckoo, won’t you forgive me?’ ”
“The sad group passed slowly out of sight; but as it disappeared there fell upon the ear the sounds of sweet music, lovelier far than she had heard before - lovelier than the magic cuckoo’s most lovely songs - and somehow in the music, it seemed to the child’s fancy there were mingled the soft strains of a woman’s voice.”
“The sad group passed slowly out of sight; but as it disappeared there fell upon the ear the sounds of sweet music, lovelier far than she had heard before - lovelier than the magic cuckoo’s most lovely songs - and somehow in the music, it seemed to the child’s fancy there were mingled the soft strains of a woman’s voice.”
“You think you’d know what a killer sounds like. That their lies would have a different texture, some barely perceptible shift. A voice that thickens, grows sharp and uneven as the truth slips beneath the jagged edges.”
“So when you study history, you must always ask yourself, Whose story am I missing? Whose voice was suppressed so that this voice could come forth?”
“But it so happened that Nature had given to the youngest sons gifts that she had not bestowed upon his elder brothers. He had a beautiful face and fine, strong, graceful figure; he had a bright smile a sweet, gay voice; he was brave and generous, and had the kindest heart in the world, and seemed to have the power to make everyone love him.”
“This is a season to acknowledge your value, your uniqueness. This is a season to see yourself fully for who you are. Be your own inspiration and then spark the light for others. Find your voice, trust your gut, and speak because we are all listening.”
“Except for you I have never heard anyone who could sing as your father did in the morning. In order to make his voice stronger, he would close both his eyes. And he would stand on his tiptoes and stretch forth his long slender neck.”
“I want to help,′ says Dusty, swishing his hands in the egg mixture. ‘No, no, NO!’ says Grandpa. His voice is getting louder. He wipes Dusty’s hands and lifts him down to the floor.”
“Santa was amazed. It did not sound a bit like Peter talking. Such a grand, quiet, that-is-my-last-word-I-don’t-want-to-be-argued-with kind of voice, just like a grown up person’s.”
“At once the bush was filled with laughter. Wild kookaburras who were no relation to Jacko had flown into a nearby tree, and they made a terrible din, chuckling and laughing at the top of their voices. Nobody could speak for the noise.”

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